Check in service for your BNB guests

We receive your guests personally. We welcome them into your home and give them the key. We take the time to show your guests around the house and answer their questions.

House rules

Are there any special things your guests need to bear in mind? We can well imagine that there might be.

Of course, we ask guests not to smoke in your house. But perhaps you have dishes that can’t go in the dishwasher. We’ll discuss this with you during the intake and ask you to send us a list of these items. When booking the property, guests accept the house rules and pay a deposit. They sign a contract in order to receive the keys.

Cleaning and linen

You welcome guests into a clean and tidy house. We take care of cleaning before and after check-in. We also provide clean bed linen and towels.

Do you have special requirements for our cleaners? Let us know in advance and we’ll take this into account.


Contact Us

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