Determining your rental price

Together with you we determine the rental price at which you want to offer your property. We understand that you want to receive the highest possible amount per night. We can decide together what rent is most realistic for the property. This may of course vary per season. Our basis is the highest rental yield at maximum occupancy.

Which factors are important?

Properties can have significant differences. Your recommended rental price depends on various factors such as location, surface, view, number of beds and extras like for example use of bicycles. Below is a list of factors that play a role in determining your rental value.

Reviews & Rating

An important part of renting your property through advertising sites such as Airbnb, is your home’s rating. How do your guests rate their stay? Naturally, we ensure that your guests will be satisfied. We always ask our guests to leave a review about your home, expressing their appreciation. Once you’ve received several good reviews, we can already make a slight increase in the rental price for your home.


Naturally, the location of your home is essential for determining the rental price. Tourists often stay in city centres. However, many tourists are also looking for that unique location where they can feel like real residents of Amsterdam. This could be somewhere along the canals, but also in a classic house in Zuid, a modern loft on IJburg or a dike house in Noord. Regardless of your home’s location within Amsterdam, we’ll make sure it’s let at the best possible price.

Number of beds

If you can offer more guests a place to sleep, we can offer your home at a higher rental price. We’ll discuss the maximum number of guests or couples with you before we start. You will need to ensure that there is a bed or sofa bed for each guest.


Your home’s interior is important. A stylish interior provides an atmosphere that guests will want to experience. Whether your interior is sleek and modern, bohemian or more industrial, our photos will ensure that every style is displayed to its best advantage. You’ll see that reflected in your rental price.


Summer is traditionally seen as the high season. However, a lot of tourists also visit our city in spring, and there is high demand for holiday homes. Of course, we can rent your home properly during all of the seasons, but you can increase your rental price a little during the high season.

We’ve noticed there’s a real peak in demand during holidays and events. If you don’t mind leaving Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve, Amsterdam Dance Event, King’s Day or Gay Pride, then you can count on a considerable return for renting out your home.


Can guests enjoy a sauna in your home, make use of a meeting room or bake pizzas in a wood oven? Or does your home offer other special extras? This will make your home extra special.


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