Holiday renting on Airbnb

Are you going on holiday or for a weekend getaway? Rent your home out via MyHomebnb and benefit from additional income during your holiday.

We offer you our all-inclusive service for short rental periods. We make sure that everything’s taken care of for the rental of your home, down to the last details. We ensure good occupancy by offering your home on various booking sites, such as Airbnb, or TripAdvisor. We also take reservations and provide check-in/check-out and cleaning.

Combination Holiday rentals + Expat rentals

Are you going to be away for a long period, and want to get the maximum return out of renting your property? Myhomebnb ensures maximum occupancy and returns by offering your home for holiday rental during the high season. During less popular periods, we rent your property as a home for expats.

New ideas – other opportunities

If you have other ideas for the rental of your property, or you have a unique space to offer, please feel free to contact us. We can help you to realise your idea.



Amsterdam is a pioneer in the area of temporary holiday rentals. Our city has implemented progressive policies that allow for temporary holiday rental. However, there are some rules, such as the maximum period for which you can rent out your home. Myhomebnb is fully informed about the latest legislation and regulations. We are happy to answer any questions you might have on this subject.

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